While it is true that our local Catholic Schools receive a portion of their funding from the provincial government’s education grants, it is only 50% of the per-pupil operating cost of our local public school district.

Parents and families of students usually bear the largest portion of the costs associated as they pay fees per student registered in our schools. Our local parishes also contribute funds annually in support of their mandate to provide and ensure a Catholic Education is available for all Catholic families. Capital improvement projects, facilities, etc. are not funded by government in any way and as such must come out of our operating budget entirely. This is true for all BC Catholic schools.

The goal of our Catholic Schools is to provide a focused and appropriate education that is reflected and obtained through Catholic principles and teaching, while striving to prepare the whole person for a successful life here on earth and for their eternal soul in heaven. Your gift is one small way that you can help in our common pursuit of this goal for each of our local families.

students pushing card with donations


Straight Donation

Any individual or business is able to make a cash donation to the general fund of Our Lady of Lourdes School for use as need dictates. Giving in this fashion allows the Council to allocate your gift where it is deemed to be needed the most.

Targeted Donation

Any individual or business may direct which specific initiative or project they would like to direct their donation towards. For example a gift could be earmarked as directed towards technological upgrades to the school campus or new sports equipment. If you wish to target your gift in this manner please contact a member of the Our Lady of Lourdes School Council or the administration and see what projects or initiatives are currently in need.

Gift Donation

Offerings of land, large or precious assets or other similar items are also accepted by our Catholic Schools. For details, guidelines or just to ask questions concerning your proposed gift please contact the school office or by email at

Tuition Vouchers

This Council initiative allows for the pre-purchase and gifting of Catholic Education to a student, group of students or a family.
These vouchers can be used to off-set existing tuition costs or simply help out a family or friend in need. They can be presented as named gifts or provided anonymously, whichever method the giver prefers. For details, please contact the school office or by email at

Tax Receipts

All cash donations to Our Lady of Lourdes School are eligible for official Canada Revenue Agency charity receipts. For details on the amounts eligible, the process and how to go about receiving your charitable tax receipt please contact the school office or by email at


Q. Will I receive an income tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, specified donations are subject to the restrictions touched on above. Unspecified cash donations are receipted in full while donations of goods (ie for a silent auction) are receipted only for the cost price of the new item upon presentation of original invoice. The cost of a used item donated (ie work of art, rare books) is receipted only if accompanied by an official valuation from a professional third party, non-arms length business such as a professional evaluator or estimator.

Q. If I donate labour will I receive a donation receipt?

No, unfortunately CRA is clear that a gift of service (personal time, skills or efforts) is not property and therefore does not qualify as a gift for the purpose of issuing an official donation receipt. If, however, the donor is paid by the recipient (in which case the donor records income for tax purposes) he or she can in turn make a donation, preferably by cheque or money order, back to the recipient company which can then issue a donation receipt.

Q. Can I make a donation so that a certain family will have their tuition covered?

Yes, you can either make use of our Tuition Voucher program or simply contact the office and make your payment. Please be aware that the donation receipt will be calculated in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency’s formula for tuition receipts. Often, the receipt may be discounted by the cost of secular education per student, according to CRA's official definitions on the circumstance.

Q. Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, we have a number of anonymous donations every year where the recipient family or families are not aware of who is helping them out.